Thursday, 13 August 2009

Yippee, and a question for you all..............

I've just heard from the Editor of Popular Patchwork that Leaves Around the Cabins has made it into the September issue, which will be available at Festival of Quilts from next Thursday.

Being a bit of a big-head, I LOVE seeing my work in a magazine like this!

Now for a question: next month my daughter, Mrs Nomad, is having a significant birthday, and no, I'm not telling you how old, cos it makes me feel ancient. She has decided to have a 1980's themed party (leg-warmers rule OK?) and wants 80's food with it. She doesn't want anything with chicken or prawns in case we poison the guests and so far we've come up with vol-au-vents (but don't know what to put in them, cubed cheese and pineapple on sticks stuck into foil-covered grapefruit halves, cocktail sausages, also on sticks, garlic bread and Black Forest gateau. Can anyone else think of anything else that's appropriate?


  1. I will be heading straight for my copy of Popular Patchwork at the festival of quilts but not til Friday I'm afraid.

    As for the food - how about prawn cocktail crisps or 'Skips' and chocolate fudge cake?

  2. Fondues were popular back then....I remember having three fondue pots and having parties all the time-hot oil for the meat, cheese for the bread and chocolate for the dessert. All really good for you right....after all it was the 80s!

  3. OHHHH and congratulations on getting a quilt into a magazine-NOW that is something to celebrate!!! Paulette

  4. Congratulations! What a beautiful quilt and the quilting is just as pretty! What an honor!

  5. Sue, this is rockin' news. Right on.

    I'm thinking Jelly Belly's were a big deal back then.

  6. Well done with leaves around the cabins, Sue! Be as big headed as you like!

    With regard to 80's party - drinks could include pomagne, babycham, cinzano & lemonade, which all featured in our house - oh - and celery sticks in a tall jar with a pot of salt for dipping!

  7. I can understand why this is going to be in a magazine. It is a very striking quilt. The feathered quilting in the background fabric so adds to the quilt. Colors are beautiful. I love fall colors.

  8. Why does a 20 year-old want an 80's party? (see, you cannot be that old).

    For some interesting recipes, you could try

    Hannah's Country Kitchen

    she was a MasterChef finalist a couple of series back, some delicious looking stuff

  9. Congratulations on the magazine publication- It looks like a wonderful pattern.
    As for the 80's food - cheeseballs of any descriptions, cheese sticks, vegetables and dip...Have a wonderful celebration

    Warmest regards,

  10. Congratulations on being published! It is a beautiful quilt.

  11. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. As to food suggestions, you've made some great suggestions, so thanks for that too.

    Thanks too to Bilbo for her comments about my age. (I was a child bride, and therefore a very young mother of course. (gg)

  12. Congratulations, I'll have to pick up that copy in Birmingham when I go.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  13. congrats on the magazine project - can't wait to see it there!

    As for the 80's thing.......toast squares with cream cheese (philly was all the rage then) with smoked salmon bits on top.....vol-au-vonts with spicey white sauce and cooked mushrooms, and of course the shirmp cocktail...main course - beefburgers! (homemade of course vbg) can't think of any thing else for pud - the black Forest Gateau was so dominant. Sherry to drink - we used to take our empty bottles to the offie and they filled them from a cask.

  14. ooh yes, thanks Sewing Granny. I'd forgotten about smoked salmon on philly. I was struggling about the vol-au-vent fillings as she won't have prawns or chicken, but that's a good idea. For the same reason, prawn cocktails are out.

  15. Congrats Sue, how exciting to see your quilt in print, I will put the mag on my shopping list. Not sure about the food, I'm the right age, but didn't grow up in this country, so I expect we had our own little fads. I think cinzano was more 70's, I remember my mum drinking that when I was a kid LOL!

  16. Hi Sue
    Congratulations on being in print. It's such a lovely quilt, really lovely autumny colours. Will look out for that mag on my visit to NEC next weekend.

    It seems you've already have some suggestions for the 80"s party - I can't add any more to that. I hope the party goes well.



    Excuse me from shouting but this is such an accolade for Sue! Popular Patchwork have printed the instructions for 'Leaves round the Cabin' and my copy arrived yesterday! This is one quilt I would love to make.......but first to finish Jackies quilt.

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I've missed a lot of exciting stuff in the last couple of weeks! I'm so excited that your quilt is in the magazine. It's such a lovely quilt.


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