Thursday, 21 January 2010

She's not colour blind at least...........

............. "Who's not?"  I hear you ask.

Bertha, that's who.

I've been busily, with Bertha's help, quilting a top made from 3 fabrics, a dark green batik, a light green batik and a neutral non-batik fabric, all backed with a plain calico.  Well, Bertha is quite happy on the light green, and on the neutral, but as soon as she gets to the dark green, she misbehaves and skips stitches, breaks thread and so on. 

So I reckon she doesn't like dark green.


  1. Bertha obviously wants you to use a different thread.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Still frog-stitching, huh?

    (rippit, rippit, rippit)

    Thinking of you kiddo. Have you tried the upholstery silicon trick?

  3. Just goes to show that every combination of thread/fabric/wadding is unique and you can never predict what's going to work and what isn't. Fingers crossed you get it figured out soon. It might be that the dark batik is a much finer weave, so try either a bigger needle or a microtex (sharp) needle.

    Or it might just be that Bertha doesn't like dark green :o)

  4. Funny how machines can let you know their opinions about stuff!

  5. HUH! don't that make you want to quick, I don't like it when this happen, but got to kept on trying, the quilt is very pretty. HAPPING QUILTING!

  6. Grrrr how frustrating! I guess you'll have to ask her opinion of all your fabric choices from now on.
    Ab x

  7. Sometimes those batiks are tricky fabrics. I find that a looser tension on the quilt sandwich seems to help. I also use Sewer's Aid on the thread.

    Of course, it could just be that Bertha really doesn't like dark green.

  8. Cute post, but isn't it just annoying? Bertha needs to straighten up!

  9. ooooh, I hate when that happens!
    What is up with that anyway?

  10. I reckon Bertha doesn't like the tight weave batiks in combination with certain threads. I can't believe that there are so many combination that give us grief! Good luck.


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