Friday, 22 January 2010

What's going on? ..........

I prefer to use Mozarella rather than IE, but suddenly funny things are happening to my blog when I go in through Mozarella.  For several weeks the link I had on my sidebar to Quilting Gallery disappeared.  Then yesterday, all my followers have disappeared too.  When I visit myself through IE, everything is there. 

So I ask again "what's going on?"  Any ideas anyone?


  1. I'm checking you out from IE, and the Quilting Gallery link is not there. Quilting Blogger link is and so are your followers....

    Don't know. Something about the electrons and sunspots I think.....Ever seen those little things that say no electrons were harmed in the formation of this email (or whatever?). Maybe your electrons are getting harmed....LOL


  2. Have you just installed a new firewall or anti-virus product, or updated your existing one?

    Talk to SewAli - she is a genius and Kasperskey was the reason she couldn't leave a comment on my blog for a while.

    Saying that, I have installed the 2010 version of Kaspersky on 3 PC's in the last week and am having no problems . . . you'd better not have jinxed me!

  3. Yep, lost my followers too! And for a couple of months my wallpaper has been on little trips of its own too. I thought because Tina told the world she's coming for cake tomorrow, they're all on their way to my house! LOL Not a clue!

  4. I can't see your followers either (also prefer Mozarella to IE), I've tried adding your blog to my whitelist (that's the opposite of a blacklist LOL!) on Kaspersky, but didn't make any difference. This solved my problem with Jayne's comments, so not sure what the cause of your issues could be. Probably hidden somewhere in Kaspersky though. I've updated to the 2010 version fairly recently.

  5. I don't have anything to contribute to the topic but I do like to let you know when I'm here... and I love the look of your blog. I hope that counts... *karendianne. (non-lurker)

  6. sorry - I am no help!
    good luck


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