Saturday, 13 November 2010

Another little brain teaser ....

... I don't want you all to get too bored sitting sewing all day, so here's another little bit of fun.

Solve the puzzle before bedtime on Monday (you've got an extra day for this one) and email your answer to me and you could be the lucky winner of another prize from me.

Just find the letter referred to in each line.  When you have them all, they will spell out a well-known phrase.

My first is in hop and also in hope,
My second is found at the start of always,
My third and my fourth both rhyme with tea
And my fifth is in Yule and also in year.

My sixth is in cherry and also in cheery,
My seventh is exactly the same as my first,
My eighth will always be found in a rhyme
And my ninth is in this but not in that.

My tenth is in silver but never in gold,
My eleventh is in a nice cup of tea,
My twelfth is seen at the beginning of me
And my thirteenth is always the first letter you see.

My last is in is and also in was,
And my whole is a wish from me to you all.


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  3. Oh I'm not good at puzzles, but I shall try.

  4. Happy Christmas to you too!!(even though I don't like saying that until Thanksgiving is over - lol!)

  5. I followed the rules and sent you an email! Happy sewing to you:)


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