Monday, 15 November 2010

I heard it on the grapevine ...

... actually I didn't.  I heard it from SewCalGal, that some people who are entering quilts in the Christmas Quilt Show, are set as "no-reply" bloggers.  Now this means that if you win one of her great prizes, she can't get in touch with you, which would be a great shame, so, if you enter a quilt, do make sure she can contact you, just in case she accidentally pulls your name out of the hat instead of mine!  Ms SewCalGal has even made it easy to do this, by posting instructions on her blog here and here (you need to scroll down to "step 3" on this page).

I expect you're really here to see if you've won anything from the Christmas Quiltalong aren't you?  I'm sorry, but I've been having trouble with this morning, so I'm going to do it later and post all the results tomorrow, although on second thoughts, I might not do it at all, and just keep the prizes for myself.  Nobody will mind, will they?  No, I didn't think so.  Tomorrow I will have another exciting bit of Christmas Quiltalong news.  So be sure to come back.


  1. Oops . . I was so busy quilting and blogging that I forgot to enter the contests. So the answer is NO, I wouldn't notice if you kept the gifts for yourself!

  2. Thanks for working out an extra chance at the giveaways for us Christmas quilt-a-longers.


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