Monday, 8 November 2010

Hold the front page .....

... Isn’t that what they say in newspaper-land when there’s an exciting news story breaking?  Well I’ve got a great news story for you.  Several people have emailed me when they realised that next Saturday is the last Christmas Quiltalong, to ask if I would consider carrying on throughout next year.  One of the people who got in touch was Cathi from who offered to co-host with me if it went on right through 2011 – she must be as mad as I am. 

Soooo ...... after much thought and deliberation (at least a nano-second) on my part, I can now tell you that  
the Christmas Quiltalong 
will continue to be held 
on the second Saturday of every month 
during 2011.
Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to work on Christmas projects, but we do hope you will join us anyway.  We have got some exciting things in the pipeline and are even planning a free (cos free is good, right?) project for you along the lines of a block of month so you could actually join in and make a Christmas quilt.  There will also be other fun things going on with competitions and prizes.   

If you have any ideas of anything you would like to see us do, please contact either of us, otherwise, keep an eye on our blogs and we will give more information in a couple of weeks.


  1. Lovely of you and Cathi to do this - I know how long it takes behind the scenes to organise these things.

  2. Good to hear it.
    I wouldn't have bothered to make another quilt if I hadn't joined the Christmas quilt a long....
    Games ?
    Songs ?
    Merriment ?
    laughs ?
    cakes ?
    :-)x x x

  3. Hi QS!
    I agree...I would be WAY behind in my Christmas quilt had I not joined in long I'm all for it!! ...even if I sometimes am a day late! (Saturdays are often my busy days so if that's the case- I make Sunday my Christmas Sew- A-Long day...hope that's still OK!!??)
    Take care and Happy planning!!

  4. Count me in! I think it is a fabulous idea.

  5. Hi Sue - I think it sounds a great idea, I havent been able to join in with the quiltalongs this year due to other commitments but would definately be interested and would love to join in.

  6. Oh that is so nice of you to keep this thing going. I'll join as soon as my sewing machine is back...or can I do a "Knit-along"?

  7. That's brilliant news Sue and Cathi! I need a nudge (or is it a hefty shove?) to keep me on track with my Christmas list so I'll look forward to joining in.

  8. That is good news!! I am in for next year. Unfortunately I can`t make it on Saturday. Have a fun quiltalong!!!

  9. Ooooooh, souinds like a great plan! Count me in! :) And then I might share a little more of that news hehe!

  10. OH...This sounds soooo fun, especially since I just last weekend finished getting my own sewing room set up! you have to have a blog to join in, as I don't have an active blog just now but would truly love to 'quilt along' with everyone! Hugs...

  11. Great news, I'll definitely be joining in.

  12. This is great news. Thanks Sue, and Cathi, too. I love the block a month idea.

  13. Yay.... I would have never finish or started what I have done. I did manage to lay out the blocks for the tree skirt. I will miss you all on Sat.

  14. Oh...maybe I will be able to join you in 2011???


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