Saturday, 8 October 2011

Christmas QAL Post 1

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing 
and ting ting tingaling too.

Come on its lovely weather 
for a sleigh ride together 
with you.

Yes, it's that time again.  The last but one Christmas Quiltalong day for 2011.  Cos I'm in the UK I don't think our hostess, Cathi is up yet, and it would be very rude to turn up on her doorstep when she's still in her pj's, so I'm off to do some baking while I wait.  See you all soon.


  1. It's 7 am in Canada and I'm ready to quiltalong! I'll hop over to Cathi's blog and start my machine! Hope you're making some christmas cookies!

  2. I've been down the allotment, and have alittle baking to do, and then I'm heading to the bottom of the garden to go play :)


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