Saturday, 8 October 2011

Christmas QAL Post 2

You remember how I hate adding borders?   If not, go here to read all about it. Well, the next worst thing is making the backings.  I now have about 6 quilts that need them so I can get Big Bertha out to play, so I'm off to do that now.  Well, some of them anyway.

I have done some baking this morning, and it smells gorgeous and I'm having trouble leaving it alone till it's all cooled down!


  1. It's cool enough here now so that baking is on my agenda too. What I hate to do is make the quilt sandwich. It's never smooth enough. Have fun with Big Bertha.

  2. Oh, what did you bake? I can smell it now.

  3. Another one of those "I wish we lived closer" things. I don't mind borders and ~love~ doing backings, especially pieced ones.


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