Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas QAL - Post 3

OK, once I'd sorted out all the domestic stuff (including 2 loads of washing for the Nomads, who may have moved into their new home, but they haven't got their washing machine plumbed in yet), I was ready.  All I had to do was decide which of these 5 projects to work on first.

Or maybe I should finish this?

Of course, I had wanted to set Big Bertha up to quilt this, but since Princess Dot is still in residence, I can't do that.

I also wanted to finish this, but the same comment applies

Nor could I quilt any of these.  So I wonder what found myself doing?

Don't forget to sign up on Linky on the Christmas QAL page, so we all know who's at the party and we can go visiting each other.


  1. I'd like to know more about that pink red and white quilted piece with the snowmen chocolates on it. What is that destined to be?

  2. I agree. The first picture has some interesting items. You are going to have a great many finishes once Big Bertha does her thing.


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