Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas QAL - Post 6

Did I ever tell you one of my best memories of Christmas?

 One year, when the kids were about 5 and 3, we had gone visiting on Christmas Eve. It was quite late (about 8pm) and dark when we headed home in the car. We got to a pedestrian crossing about a mile from home, and we had to stop to let someone cross the road. Who was that someone?

It was Father Christmas, all dressed up in his red suit and boots, carrying his sack of toys! The kids could not believe their eyes. I wish I'd had a camera with me.

Then they panicked and wanted Daddy to drive home really fast so they could get into bed before he came, otherwise, they knew he wouldn't leave them any presents!

I am sure that never before have two children gone to bed so willingly on Christmas Eve.


  1. I love your story. Is that serendipity? A sweet family memory.

  2. Too funny! That could not have been planned any better than what happened.

  3. I'll bet their little faces were priceless. Too bad camera phones hadn't been invented yet!

  4. What a lovely memory.

    I'm sure you and Mr/s Nomad could contrive to create a similar one for the boys . . .

  5. What a wonderful story! We always heard the reindeer on the roof when we were kids! And of course, quickly went to sleep then! We knew Santa had made it to our house!

  6. LOL, that is the way to get them to bed and stay there!

  7. I'd take that bet. I grew up with a radio tower behind our community and we could always see it from our back window. One Christmas Eve, though, I had Santa on the brain and completely forgot - my brother and I sat at the kitchen table and when I saw the blinking red light on top of the tower I yelled, "it's Rudolph! Santa's coming!" and my brother and I disappeared to our beds. My mother had no idea where we'd gone. In hindsight, it was pretty funny!


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