Friday, 18 November 2011

Oops, you're not ...

... mind readers, are you?  Your crystal ball may be a bit cloudy.

Do you remember that at the end of last Saturday's Christmas QAL I suggested that I could set up a Flickr thing or we could all post on our own blogs showing everything we've done, finished or not (mainly "not" for me), and I'll just set up another Linky in my blog so we can all sign up and go visiting.

Well, as Hazel pointed out, not everyone has a Flickr account, and also someone suggested it might be good to hold this Parade on the 2nd Saturday in December, (when we would have had a QAL if we were having one in December).  So, it seems that a Linky Party on Saturday 10 December would be good.  See you all there, or rather, see you all here on your way to the party.


  1. Marked on my calendar - just love the idea!!

  2. I've got the date marked so that I can see all the wonderful projects!

  3. Sounds like fun, I'll see you there. I don't have a flicker account but I know I can comment on flicker pictures based on my yahoo account I think I can figure something out.


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