Saturday, 9 June 2012

Another entry …

In a land far away,  (Australia,) there lives a lady who we shall call OzSue,(cos her name is Sue and she lives in OZ.  Now how original is that of me?). 

OzSue does not have a blog, but she has been following our Christmas QAL fun, and she has been making the Festive Mystery quilt too.  She has sent me her idea of what our block might look like, and given me permission to show her ideas here on my blog.
QAL 001     QAL 002
I just love that black fabric with the streamers.

I will do the random draw for a winner from among the entries at mid-day BST, and post the winner here then.


  1. Pretty. OzSue is very creative. I too love the swirling fabric.

  2. Wow! OzSuryes very creative! Beautiful blocks!

  3. OzSue has clearly been hiding her light under a bushel! Those designs are fab, and the fabrics are superb - just love that marble effect bluey/green.

  4. Love the left-hand design, that would make a lovely table runner.

    Hello OzSue!


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