Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lone Star QAL day–post 2

OK, so now you want to know what I have decided to do, don’t you?
or maybe
Or could it be one of these
Can we say indecisive?  Or should we say procrastination? My father says it should be equivocation, which I had to look up, and which means to avoid or evade action, so he's right too!

Well, I've finally made a decision - I think.  Can you guess which version I've gone for? Now I'm off to try and put it into practice, after I've visited Jayne to see who else is working on their Lone Stars today..


  1. All the choices look like they would work...I love that word from your for me! Enjoy!

  2. The top center is appealing to me, and I'm really not feeling that one in the middle center just beneath it. It looks a little violent in the design, where you unhappy when you created that one?

  3. Whatever design you decide to make, this quilt is going to be striking! You have scraps? Have fun working on your quilt.

  4. For me, I would go with the third option in the top row. I think I like it because it looks so simple - very little brain effort needed to accomplish it. Can't wait to see which one you selected!

  5. Whatever you choose it will be perfect! Love the word equivocation. Sounds so much more sophisticated than evade!

  6. My favorites are the first one on the top row or the middle one on the bottom row. I'll be posting a picture of my progress later today. Probably after your bedtime. :)

  7. I am NOT going to peek...and by the way, I am NOT reading through all the blog posts of every person that I am catching up on...but I am on yours! You don't have to reply on each one. I just will comment when something strikes me...and on this post I really like the first quilt. Wonder which you'll choose? I'll keep reading...


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