Saturday, 9 November 2013

Christmas QAL post 2

... There has been no quilting whatsoever here today I'm sorry to say.  I never did find the missing pattern, and I think the reason is that I did not buy it!  It was a different one which I had purchased. Doh!!!  By the time I realised that, and bought and downloaded the pattern I wanted,  it was almost dinner time.

Oh, and yes, in true Christmas QAL tradition, my dinner did include alcohol. This time we had Beef in Ale cooked in the slow cooker.

 Then I treated myself to a little retail therapy, of the quilting type, of course and now it is past 8.00 pm and I am going to sit in front of the TV and watch the annual Festival of Remembrance on TV.  I must make sure I have some paper hankies nearby, it always makes me cry, especially at the end when they play the Last Post and poppies fall from the ceiling.
Tomorrow I WILL sew.  After all, apart from anything else, I do have a certain Christmas Challenge quilt to put the binding on.


  1. I hope we "Never Forget" but I worry about that. Beef in Ale sounds very British. For us it would be Beef in Beer.

  2. How frustrating for you, I'm always looking for things I've put in a safe place.

  3. I bet your Drunk Cow was delicious! Does it make hiccupping sounds as it cooks? I'm hungry & could use a nibble if you'd pass some my way...
    I'm still searching for that stack of missing patterns...when I tally up the cost of replacing the missing I absolutely cringe.
    Retail therapy was great...fabric folding pen & Midwinter Reds! ;-}
    I think I'll watch something sentimental and mushy on TV now...while I contemplate little non-red & green things!

  4. Sorry you spent so much time looking for something that wasn't there...but now you get to relax! There is always tomorrow!

  5. Yum yum - beef in ale! I bet that it was delicious!

  6. Sometimes if we stop searching for something, it shows up. I hope you get to sew tomorrow.

  7. Well, you were honest to say how the day ended up. I have many days like this. No sleep, toss and turn thinking of all that I will accomplish and KAPOW! LOL


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