Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cars'n Quilts

OK, you asked for photos of my new car, so here they are. Isn't she beautiful?

Now for the quilty things. This picture shows everything I bought. I was really quite restrained, wasn't I?

Now, I'm sure you'd like to see it all in more detail? Oh OK then, since you insist:

First I bought this wonderful bundle of fabrics which are from a range called Spice Trail.

Then I found a bargain:

Just look at the price of that. £4/metre that worked out at. It was too good to miss, and I was even more lucky cos I found two bundles, so now I've got the backing for a quilt and loads of light cream tone-on-tone to use in quilts.

Then, with Christmas in mind, I bought these.

I have been wanting to make a Christmas quilt for years and I have decided that 2009 is the year to do it. Mind you, I'm not saying that 2009 is the year to finish it!

Still thinking of Christmas, I bought these next:

Sorry, you can't see any more of what's in there cos it's a surprise for Mrs Teacher for Christmas.

I thought these were so cute, they had to come home with me too.

Now I thought I didn't like batiks, but.....

These were such lovely butterscotchy-toffee colours I couldn't resist them

My final buy for the day was this jelly roll.

I just loved the soft, slightly dusty colours in this roll, so it had to come home with me too.

That, much to the relief of my bank manager and my credit card company, was the end of my shopping for the day.

I even know what I'm going to do with some of the things I brought home with me!


  1. the car IS beautiful Sue! and you were very restrained with your purchases! Love the toffee coloured batiks too.

  2. Spice Trail looks very interesting. Any plans for it or just a stash builder?

  3. Like the car; LOVE the fabrics. My next spree is a way off yet, I need to use some of the fabrics I have (very old ones) Then I will have space for some delicious new ones that I have my eye on :)



  4. I love your new car! Hope you enjoy it a lot.

    The toffee batiks are beautiful! I'm anxious to see what you make with them.

  5. Very pretty car, but oh no!, you've got dirt on it!!! And not liking batiks???? I'm speechless ...

  6. OHHHH!!! Love the car!! Thanks for the pic too !
    Hey, you did good with the shopping !! Nice fab for sure

  7. Your car is gorgeous and I LOVE the color! What color is the interior? We've owned 2 Hondas - the Accord had over 220,000 miles on it when it was totaled. It was still going strong and was in great shape.

    Great haul! I love the fabrics you picked out!

  8. Very handsome car! And, lovely quilty things. I'm glad you found some batiks you like.

  9. Love your purchases.

    Why won't 2009 be the year you start and finish a Christmas Quilt. You've got 3 months, that's plenty of time. LOL

    Love and hugs Gina xxxx

  10. How Sue, how fun this post is! I love the new little ride. So cute. The shopping is fantabulous to boot. Ahh, you have such great taste.

  11. If that is you being restrained, heaven help the credit card when you go on a spree!

    Glad you are happy with all your new purchases, the one that lives outside and the ones that live inside too!


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