Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's a bargain....

Well actually, it's a freebie. To be completely precise, it's a giveaway. I don't often join these, on the grounds that I never win anything, lottery, raffle, nothing. In fact, I reckon if I entered something and was the only person who did so, I STILL wouldn't win. There now, don't you feel sorry for me?

Anyway, Paulette who lives in Canada is having a giveaway, for no reason except that she wants to. If you go over to her blog, here, you can see that she is giving away the first issue of a new Canadian quilting magazine and other goodies.

Her blog is well woth visiting as she always has some interesting and amusing posts about her life and her quilting.


  1. I don't enter them either Sue, but that magazine does look nice - doesn't it!

  2. I always say i am in it to make up the numbers if there was just 2 in it i still wouldn't win but it good fun good luck i am also in it
    Hugs Janice

  3. I do win stupid things in raffles - yesterday it was stupid flowered duck at a lace making day, also some tights! So hould I join in this new game? Why not!


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