Thursday, 17 September 2009

The updated weather report

My black cloud has gone. Mr Fence, who I'm now going to call Mr Fixit, fixed it. He took the top off and attacked it with a big scarey screwdriver. The problem was that one of the drive belts had come loose, so he tightened it, and now it's working beautifully.

Mind you, he has his own black cloud now. We recently had to change our router, and that meant the setting were changed, so now, our computers can't see our wireless printer, and he can't sort it out. Any minute now I think he's going to pay someone to come in and fix it.

Bertha has been working on Mrs PennyPot's quilt, and we have done one row of one of my favourite pantos then we had to stop as it was time to collect The Chatterbox from school. Tomorrow I'm off to Mrs PP's to play in her super studio for the day with a couple of other friends, so I'll not be doing any more quilting till Saturday.


  1. I'm so glad Mr Fixit managed to sort out the problem. Aren't handy men wonderful

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Hooray for Mr Fixit, glad Bertha's singing happily again. I can't believe you're going to have another saga with the wireless printer - maybe the original one you had so much trouble with will work on the new setup ;o)

  3. Glad you've got Mr Fixit! Don't you just hate technology sometimes, it's like little gremlins, you just can't see the critters! Have a great day playing tomorrow :o)

  4. Hurray! Sometimes paying someone for a fix is the easiest in the long run.

    Thanks for the compliment on my quilting. I'm having a wonderful time working on that quilt.

  5. So glad to here the Black Clouds are gone!!!

  6. Hmm, drive belts, didn't think of that! Well done Mr Fixit.

  7. Actually I felt quite proud of myself, cos it was me who identified the drive belt as the likely problem. How about that then?

    As for the computer, tomorrow I will be calling the doctor in.


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