Thursday, 17 September 2009

There's a black cloud............

........... over my house today. Can you see it? It's very black. The day before yesterday when I was using my PCQuilter to quilt Mrs PP's quilt, I was using a pattern with circles, except... my circles were coming out with flat tops and bottoms. I undid it, and assumed I had done something wrong when changing the pattern size, etc. Last night I had a friend here and we were going to play with Bertha. My friend wanted to sew a feather wreath. Well, what a mess. It was very distorted, the oversewing wasn't, etc. This, together with yesterday's problem made us think it might not have been me. So we tried sewing a simple circle. Flat top and bottom. Small square? Distorted. Large square? Distorted. Oh pooh sticks. It has to be something on the PCQuilter. We left it, with much muttering about blooming technology. Mr Fence is, as we speak, looking at the insidey, technicaly parts to see what he can see.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh, dung in a bucket.

    Have you done the blindingly obvious - check there are no stray threads caught around any of the wheels either on the table or on the machine carriage, then check all the wheels and their axles are set up as they should be.

    And yes, you can ask me how I know this - I used to get very familiar with squared circles in the pre-APQS days. Thankfully Merlin has much better manners than his predecessor.

  2. Oh Nooooooo! Hope you get it solved soon and it is something as simple as thread caught in the wheels or the like!

  3. Good luck with your machine. Hope the problem can be fixed and your cloud will turn into sunshine. Your lucky to have one of those machines...and the room for it!

  4. Oh yuck! I hate it when something like that happens. I hope Mr. Fence can get Bertha working properly again.

  5. How dare your machine turn on you like that!! Mine did that this summer and in the middle of wedding preparations!! ( I had to make 15 tablecloths...) Good luck with Mr. Fix-It!Paulette

  6. ...but on the bright side, you know that it's not YOU!

    Knowing nothing about a subject has never stopped me venturing an opinion - so could it be a software (instructions-to-needle) problem rather than a physical nuts & bolts problem?

  7. Dung-in-a-bucket indeed Bilbo. What a lovely phrase.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, Mr Fence has fixed it, and we're happy again.


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