Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I've got a problem..........

Here is Big Bertha, all ready to get to work on this quilt belonging to Mrs PennyPot, BUT..... Bertha and I just can not decide how to quilt it. In fact, we've started twice already, got half way through a row and decided we didn't like it. (I've become very friendly with my stitch ripper again over the past 24 hours.) Now, I'm going to take the quilt off the frame for today cos I won't be able to do any quilting during the day, and I want to put some plain fabric on cos I've got a friend coming this evening to play with Bertha, and I thought it's better not to have a real quilt top for that, specially as it's not even my own top.

So, back to my problem. How am I going to quilt it? Perhaps inspiration will strike during the day?


  1. Are you looking for custom or a panto?
    What have you tried that did not look right (and why didn't it look right)?

    This is the worst part of having a longarm set-up (IMNSHO), very easy to do the wrong thing and spend hours frogging it.

  2. I'm sure you will get inspiration from somewhere. I love Mrs Pennypot's quilt - hope I get to see it in real life when it's done!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt! If you want an edge-to-edge, I'm quite partial to the Pajama Quilter's Wonky Feathers. Keep us informed.

  4. I'd do a pantograph on this one.

  5. It's definitely going to be a panto. The top is busy, so I reckon custom stuff would be lost on it. What I really want is, I think, the impossible. I want a panto that interlocks, so you really can't see where one row ends and the next one starts.

  6. UrbanElementz has some really cool interlocking pantos if that helps any. Let me see if I can find the it is -

    They have some awesome stuff that would look really good on this gorgeous quilt!


  7. Thanks for the link Bari. They have some lovely pantos, and I'm about to email and ask if they mind if I didgitize one of theire free ones for my own use on another quilt I have waiting. I can't reply privately as I don't have an email address for you.


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