Monday, 14 September 2009

Harvest Festival

Thought you might like to see pictures of Mr and Mrs Nomad all dressed up and ready to go to the party! Mrs N's birthday will be tomorrow, but she had her party on Saturday. Doesn't she look "lovely" in her 1980's finery? And how about Mr N dressed up as Jimmy Saville, complete with wig and cigar.

Yesterday Mrs PennyPot came over, and just look what she brought with her. Everything there was fresh from her garden, even the honey.

Today I was going to give Big Bertha some more exercise, but at the moment the frame is only set up at half size, and I need it at full size now. Mr Fence was going to set it up for me this morning, but he is in bed unwell, and I don't really think I should get him up to do it, do you?


  1. Ooooh, what a gorgeous haul of veg & honey, lucky you. What do you mean you're going to let Mr Fence languish in bed when there is quilting to be done???? Ah, poor chap, I hope he feels better soon, is it just a bug? As for the teachers, what can I say? It was bad enough first time around {snigger}.

  2. What a lovely harvest on your draining board! Does it make you want half a lottie of your own - I am sure Flummery will give you lots of advice.

    Hope Mr Fence is feeling better soon

  3. I love the Jimmy Saville outfit and the leg-warmers, what a hoot! Did Mrs Pennypot cook for you with her harvest? Hope Mr Fence recovers soon!

  4. I'm normally very pleased with the goodies from my lottie, but I'm envious of that little lot! And honey too! What a delicious treat! Hope mr Fence is feeling better soon, so Bertha can stretch her horizons, and you can get quilting :o)

  5. All the produce is gorgeous, but no, it did not make me want a lottie. Been there, done that, in my younger days.


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