Saturday, 11 September 2010

Good morning everyone ...............

........ well, I had a disasterous start to the morning!  You know that I frequently change my backgrounds (I get bored easily!).  So I wanted a nice Christmassy one today, but it all went wrong!  All sorts of things happened, almost everything on my sidebar went,  my page with the Chocolate for Christmas pattern disappeared, the layout was all different, etc, etc.  I didn't worry though, I went straight into P A N I C K mode.  So I've just wasted the last 2 hours recovering everything.

Anyway, I'm good to go now and just like last time, I've put Mr Linky on here, and I hope you'll all add your names to the list so that we can go visit each other from time to time during the day.


  1. I think I did the linky thing twice because I forgot I had to go to hubby's part of the computer to leave a comment. It is an issue with Blogger and Firefox that I have to deal with. Hope this helps you get things back in order. Just list me once. Thank you

  2. It's coming together nicely, I'll post a picture once I've sewn my rows together. I hope you're up and sewing now Sue, nothing like zapping your blog to wake you up in the morning LOL!


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