Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The winner is .....

.... someone, who must have an amazing vocabulary.  She submitted a list with 160 words on it! I came up with about 45 - yes, this time I could play along with you all, since I didn't really know the answers.  Hmm, maybe it's a good job I didn't win though, or you'd all be accusing me of cheating. 

The best word though was submitted by Midge, who came up with  AQUITACHRILMONGLIST.  Guess who actually fell for it and was about to Google it to find out what it meant when she told me her husband made it up?  See, told you I'm stupid! 

Anyway, if the winner would email me with a snail mail address, I will get the little prize in the post.

Oh yes, I haven't told you who it is, have I? 

Shellie from Shell Creations step forward and take a bow.  I do suggest you might all like to go and have a look at the snowman she made during the day - he is gorgeous.


  1. Sue, I am quite happy to be labelled nuts, as long as I could quilt as well as you.
    Big congrats to Shellie. Just going to have a look at her snowman x x x

  2. Congrats, Shellie. Love her little snowman. Could she show us how to make one? 140 something words is amazing!

  3. Congratulations to the winner. I missed this puzzle all together. Been way to busy and not sewing.

    Have a super great day.

  4. I selected you for a Sunshine Award...check out my blog!


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