Friday, 24 September 2010

I'm perfecting the art ....

... of prevaricating.  I now have four quilt tops all ready for Bertha to come out and play with.

They are Paulette's quilt from our barter, Christmas Stars, Chocolate for Christmas and the yellow and gold one (well OK, that one still needs a border, but it could be ready by now if I had put my mind to it.)  So why isn't Bertha out and working her magic on them?  Cos I'm trying to decide how to quilt them.  Usually I have an idea, check it out with my quilting software, and get on with it.  This time?  Well, after the week I've had, do I have to explain?
If you're looking for the giveaway, it's here.


  1. If in doubt, don't quilt it. Wait until you know exactly how you want it to be.

    You don't need to ask me how I know this ... {snortle}

    (PS: don't forget I'm on 'no reply' and therefore will not get your response to my comments unless you change the addy {hugs} )

  2. PS: if 3½ tops is prevaricating, what is 12?

    (five of them are very small!)

  3. Wow...3 have been busy.

  4. So in the meantime you've been playing with digital scrapbooking by the looks of things :o). Very nice montage. I wouldn't mind betting that once you do get Bertha out and going on the tops, they won't take you anywhere near as long as they'd take me LOL! Anyway, leave something to do on your next Christmas Quiltalong.

  5. Are these your patterns? I ask because I love the middle one. The chocolate you gave (love it too)... nice. I usually wait until Im certain. I have three to do myself now.

  6. Yes, get on with it Bertha! Have fun.

  7. No.... :-)
    Explination required :-)
    S N A P :-) x x x

  8. I think Bilbowaggins and I are alike! I decided it is better not to count. Of course, if I had my own quilting machine....I'd probably not do any better because I really am not creative at all with the quilting part.

  9. They are beauties...I'll love seeing them again after you've quilted. :-)

  10. Trouble is, Lynda, I do have my own longarm machine!

    I also have a large garden which is being rennovated and a house that requires an awful lot of work. As QuiltSue keeps telling me, I need to learn to sleep faster.

  11. whew!
    I'm not actually 7 posts behind! :)
    three tops, that is a lot to think about, maybe approaching them one at a time will work out best.
    Can't wait to see how you do it.


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