Saturday, 11 September 2010

It's a puzzle ........

.... not a quiz today.  When you feel like having a break from sewing, see how many words of four letters or more you can make from "Christmas Quiltalong". Names and plurals are not allowed.  Email your list to me and tomorrow about this time I'll announce who has won the "puzzle prize".

I should have said about the recipe that I used a quarter of the quantities by the way, which gave me 14 cookies.

PS Don't forget to add your name to Mr Linky's list.  If you have trouble doing it, please let me know, cos he is obviously not full of Christmas spirit today and is really playing up.

PPS This is Post no 5 today so just scroll down if you want to see any more.


  1. I'm up to 36 words, but since I won the last time I'm only playing for the fun of it today. I'll probably be thinking of this in my sleep tonight. Thanks alot, Sue!

  2. After fabric bargain shopping Im here. Hi! I will be working on fun stuff. Hopefully get something in.

  3. I will show pictures of My bag for $10. wow. I have been cleaning up sewing room...still needs it. Picked up Madi from work and ate dinner-Chinese bought by hubbie. Now Im ready to work. I have been working on the puzzle and cant stop. So I will hide it. lol. I will work on a snowman or two. a wallhanging or a checkers game.

  4. I'm done in now, I'll think about this in the morning :o). Happy sewing everyone!

  5. Not working as fast as I had hoped!!

  6. You girls are so ahead of me. Have been busy with the downsize move. Will get there soon.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


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