Saturday, 11 June 2011

Christmas Quiltalong - Post 6

 So this,
plus 3 more, becomes
Eventually there will be 3 more.  As soon as I saw the pattern Over and Under in Scrap Basket Sensations, I thought of Christmas Wreaths, in red with white stars in the middle.  I absolutely love how this is turning out.


  1. That is so pretty, I always get in a muddle with "over and under" stuff and usually have to un-sew and reposition a few bits.

    Have you decided how Bertha is quilting it yet?

  2. Oh these are gorgous! Look forward to seeing it altogether and quilted :)

  3. This is gorgeous Sue! What a great idea.

  4. How fun and it looks pretty simple to do!

  5. I LOVE this block!! Did you use your chisel die to get that one chisel piece???

  6. Well I'd find that over and under stuff quite mindboggling to put together! Looking lovely.


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