Thursday, 23 June 2011

I’ll try again…

Not to be defeated by Blooming Blogger, I’m trying to use software called LiveWriter to do this post with photos.

I wanted to show you some of the great mail I’ve received recently, so, here goes:

Every month one of the blogs I follow, Quixotic Crafter has a giveaway, and I have been lucky enough to win in May and June.  In May, Susan sent me this cute scissor bling, and in June I received the pattern for these cute flowers.  Thank you so much Susan, I really love them both.


Early in May I entered my name on many blogs to try and win a copy of this magazine:


and I won one of the copies.  When it arrived a couple of days ago, the scissors in the photo were also included.  I thank the editor of Quiltmaker for sending me these.

As you know, I am planning to join Charlie's quiltalong on Sunday 10 July, and here is the fabric I ordered from 1choice4quilting:


This was so quick, it arrived in 6 days, which is amazing for a package from the US.  When I opened it, I loved the fabrics, but there were other things included as little gifts.  There was a great emery board, with quilt patterns on, which I love; there were some quilt labels and a pair of scissors, which were not in the photo cos they were actually being used at the time, and a thank you card from Shawna.  What?  Shouldn’t it be me thanking her?  Anyway, it really made the package special, so thank you so much Shawna.

Now I’m off to put my feet up.  It’s 9pm and I’m exhausted from all the tennis today!


  1. Lot's of great mail Sue! I exhausted too!

  2. Don't you mean "tennis watching"? wink

    Wonderful gifties you got there!

  3. Oh these are wonderful! Lucky you. And I know you will put all of this to good use.


  4. Very nice wins and fabric. The 100 Block issue is one of my favorites. Compliments on the quilt in your header - love it.

  5. How did you like the LiveWriter? You can enlarge your pics if you send the post as a preview to blogger and then go in and clcik on each picture. It will center them and enlarge them.

    Congratulations on your wins. I need to get my hands on that 100 blocks book and check it out.

  6. Lovely packages. I'll have to checkout Livewriter - after the tennis!!

  7. I swear you're the luckiest girl on the planet! You win so often!!!!

  8. Wow, that was very fast! I am going to have to look even closer at their site. I am not buying anything right now...but you just never know!!

  9. All that yummy stuff in the mail, lucky you and congrats on the wins! I downloaded LiveWriter yesterday, have yet to try it...

  10. You have been a lucky lady. What fun to get all those fun things in the mail.


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