Friday, 3 June 2011

I just don't believe ....

.... how stupid I can be. 

This time there is no excuse whatsoever.  My friend Quilthaze had discovered last week that a fabric shop fairly near us in Leeds, called Skep Mill, which we both thought had closed down, had in fact been taken over and was still open, so we felt a visit was in order.  (Actually it was a return visit for Quilthaze as she had popped in there last week.)  I needed to get the remaining fabrics for my Scatty Christmas Stars so this was a great opportunity and Quilthaze also wanted to go to a city fairly near here where there was a large store which sold dressmaking fabrics.  So a Big Expotition (to quote either Pooh Bear or Christopher Robin, I can't quite remember which) was planned for yesterday. Before we left, I very efficiently checked how much fabric I needed, but decided that EQ7 had got it wrong.  I quickly recalculated, BUT .....

... I only worked out the borders.  I didn't realise what I had done until last night.  So, I now have the border fabrics, but not enough for the connector blocks.  Oh yes, I did also buy a FQ bundle and some background fabric, as the prices were fantastic.

From there off we went to the big, scarey city of Bradford.  We had a map which Quilthaze had printed off, so decided we didn't need to take Tom (my satnav) with us. 

BIIIG mistake. 

We got fairly near to where we wanted to be, then found the road closed so we had to turn off.  We got very lost, got caught up in loads of traffic (I wonder why they use their car horns so much in Bradford?), nearly had the side of the car taken off by a dustcart who wanted to be right where we were and so on, but somehow, we suddenly found ourselves on the right road. 



No parking spaces.  We were about to give up and go home when we spotted a space and squeezed the car in.  Quilthaze found out what she had gone there to discover, so then we decided to try and get out of the big scarey city, which we did more by luck than judgement, and drove to about 1/2 mile from my house and went to a restaurant for lunch. 

We deserved it, specially Quilthaze who had been driving.



  1. Now that's quite the outing! What an adventure. A real one!

  2. I'm a nervous driver and without knowing where I'm going in addition to closed roads...yikes. Glad the outing came to a nice end with lunch and your home safel. :-) Quite the story!

  3. Sorry about your mistake, but it sounds like you both had an enjoyable time even with all of the extra hassels in there.

  4. What a nightmare, but at least you will be able to laugh about it with Quilthaze later.

  5. Stop being so hard on yourself. Enjoy the day...and hey, you got more fabric. That always makes up for anything!

  6. You'll just have to go fabric shopping again, now there's a hardship LOL! The trip into Bradford sounds a bit of a nightmare, but at least it was mission accomplished in the end.

  7. Oh I haven't laughed so much for ages!! Bradford!!! Oh I remember it well I have only ever driven there once on my own (for work) and I went straight to the car park and straight back out. Have been a few times with David driving and me hiding behind my hands. OMG the "no parking space" I am coming out in a cold sweat..... This so reminded me why we moved to France, not much traffic, plenty of parking and its free......But the trade off is no Quilt Shop....good thing I have the internet. xxxx

  8. Wow....scary trip....but all ends well!!

  9. I'm glad your story had a happy ending. Adventures are good for the soul, if not for the nerves.

  10. i love adventures like that!!!!

  11. Never visited The Skep but years ago bought numerous yards of a fabulous soft chambray from them. Slightly sun-faded in places it has backed many quilts and will no doubt back quite a few more (yes, MANY yards!!).

    Your traffic stories bring me out in a cold sweat too - and remind me why I love living here, but you are lucky being within driving distance of places like The Skep.

  12. sounds like a fun outing, lol.
    I've had a few of those, they always make for good stories -

  13. Fun story to read. Glad it all worked out. I really hate driving in unfamiliar territory myself.


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