Saturday, 11 June 2011

Christmas Quiltalong - Post 1

Good morning everyone.
Rotary cutters ready?
Machines revved up?
Right, let's party.

Don't forget to sign up on the Linky-thingy by going to the tab just under my header called 2011 Christmas Quiltalong so I can send you the instructions for the next block of the Scatty Christmas Stars quilt and we can all visit each other during the day.

I'm off to do the necessary stirring up the dust in the house, get some washing done and put the dinner in the slow cooker and then I'll be back and ready to go.


  1. Morning Sue! I've entered my details in the linky thingy and put my first post of the day on my blog so now I'm off to cut and sew. Can't wait to see what everyone else is making!

  2. Morning all! It's a beautiful day here in the middle of England, and I have a day of sewing planned. Like Sue, I have to stir some dust and prep dinner too but I'm ready to go!

  3. Morning! Washing is all done and out, jam made, just a bit of dust stiring and I'm heading to the bottom of the garden!

  4. I've added to linky, but don't know what to do from here. Put the button on my blog.


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