Monday, 13 June 2011

Help please ...

... I have a problem. 

Yes, thank you, you at the back there, stop giggling.  As you know I have this inexplicable urge to do some redwork ad you were all so helpful with my previous questions that I thought I'd ask you this.  I am sure that last year there were loads of people stitching away at snowmen, which were being offered as free BOM type patterns, but now I can't find anything on any blogs.  Am I going mad?  Can anyone help me please?


  1. Do you mean you need those patterns? Or...are you just trying to find the latest stitchery going around?

  2. I started a snowmen BOM last year but gave up after the first couple months. I want to say it was a Bunny Hill design but I might be wrong. I believe once the year was over the snowmen were removed and it switched to angels. I did a little search and found these though. The site is in French but that shouldn't be problem since you only need the designs.

    OK as usual I have my BOMs confused. The one I was thinking about is from Legacy of Stitches. I can't seem to find one link for all of them but here is the first one for January:

    After that you need to find the first of each month for the patterns. If you can't find anything you could email Sandi, she is very helpful.

  3. Many designers take down their BOM's after the year is up and sell them. I remember the one you speak of but I don't remember who released it. I was not 'into' snowman last year and didn't join in on that one.

  4. Were they provided by Sandi at Stitching Legacy? It sounds familiar.

  5. Sandi over at A Legacy of Stitches did a whole series of snowmen...she is quite an artist! Go check her out...

    She's awfully nice too!


  6. If you want a website with loads of free redwork stuff then go to - she has some lovely things - the Rooster is just great! pauline

  7. I think I've seen the snowmen you are looking for on one of the blogs I follow, but I can't remember which it is--IF I come across it again, I'll let you know...hope you can find it!


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