Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Google + update ...

... following on from my whingeing yesterday about the fact that anyone who uses a Google+ identity to leave comments is showing up as a no-reply blogger, I think I have a fix for you.

In fact, Sharon left a comment with this link, but when I thanked her and said I was going to post about it, she told me that it was originally Tonya who found the solution.  Well I want to thank both of you very much for helping.  If you go here, you will be taken, step by step through what to do so that you can become someone that I can reply to again.

Of course, maybe you don't want me to reply, but I always feel that I am being very impolite if I don't, so humour me, please?

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  1. That's a really good tutorial and she said exactly what most of feel about google +


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