Monday, 8 July 2013


I have noticed that if anyone leaves a comment on my blog using a Google+ identity, they seem to be coming through as no-reply bloggers.  Does this happen to other people, or is it something I've done in the settings on my blog?
Big tears 
So, if you have left comments for me and don't get a reply, this is why.  Please don't think I'm being rude or ignoring you, it is just that I have no way of contacting you.


  1. That's been a problem since they started Google + and people don't even realize that they've become "no reply". It's not you, they need to fix the settings on their end. It's very frustrating.

  2. They need to fix their settings - here is the info for the fix

  3. I don't use Google + but I have noticed if I try to comment on some blogs that have it, they are asking me to sign up for G+ to leave a comment. So a lot of times I end up not leaving a comment.

  4. I use Google+ are you getting this one okay? xx

  5. I started with Google + and and cancelled it when some wouldn't read my blog, but kept the identity part and fixed it so I wasn't a no reply, but some people still can't post a reply and I can't understand it. Now I'm worried about the Google reader thingy. Why must things change for changes sake.

  6. Google+ is a nightmare, you know it's already tried to lock me out of my account when I thought about switching to it and I'm sure not making that mistake twice.

    Have a look at this Support blog:

    Scroll down and you will see Google has some significant issues to fix. Nothing you can do about it.


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