Saturday, 27 July 2013

Thanks ...

... to everyone who replied to my call for help for my friend Nancie.  She thought it was a sign of real friendship that I did it, but really it was self defence that made me post that SOS.  Cos I was spending so much time on the computer looking for this quilt, the cobwebs were growing all round the house, the dust bunnies were doing what bunnies do, Mr Fixit was wasting away from starvation, and I need new glasses!

Anyway, all's well that ends well, cos thanks to Freda, who replied within minutes of me posting, Nancie had her quilt.  You can see it here, and also thanks to Marj who also told us that the pattern was shown in the latest McCalls magazine.

So, thanks to everyone who tried to help, Nancie has now got her brain back, and another quilt on her to-do list.
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PS Don't forget my Oakshott fabric giveaway, here.


  1. Thank you and THANK YOU Freda! I love this pattern!! WE all won from this post!! :o)))

  2. I went to see the pattern....did you see the border is a printed fabric and not pieced? Cool! Almost easy is right!

  3. This is so neat! Thank you for putting the call we all get to see it and add it to our lists!

  4. You are just too fried friend! Thanks again to All Ya'll !

  5. Backflips??? ME??? Now that really is funny! I'd have 2 black eyes and whiplash!!!

  6. I hope Nancie doesn't get too dizzy with all those acrobatics, she's got a quilt to make !!!


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