Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's a challenge ...

... Who's bright idea was this?  A quilt on the theme of Christmas without using red or green fabric?  Ridiculous.  Still it wouldn't be a challenge if it wasn't challenging would it?  This is mine so far.
That's the easy bit done.  Now I've got to do scary free-motion quilting without the aid of a robot.  Eeek.  Actually, I don't think Big Brother is all that keen either.  Yesterday it had a total meltdown in the heat and started making a horrid noise, running on after I took my foot off the pedal and refusing to reverse. I took it apart, cleaned it, oiled it and left it overnight.  It didn't need cleaning or oiling, so I was a bit worried that I might have drowned it, but it ran OK-ish this morning.  So, as I said, next thing is that we're going to play at FMQ.  Wish us luck.


  1. Looks like a free motion Christmas Tree - very interesting. Enjoy your FMQ.

  2. Oh you CLEVER girl, that is coming on a treat (and the orange fabric seems to be holding up!).

    I've stayed indoors all day and been desperately trying to catch up on blog-lag and zillions of photos. At one point I thought the Mac was getting so hot I put the tower fan on my desk for half an hour and blasted the system unit until it cooled down (which made more sense to me than turning it off ....)

  3. OMG! It's based on the QAL logo!!

    Looks fab (based on what we can see, and the fact your pics are titchy when you click on them - you tease)- how have you made it?? That's not applique, surely?

    More info needed!

  4. Looks like its going to be fabulous. Great colours. xxx

  5. Clever Hazel, picking up on the logo!
    Good luck with your FMQ, as I'm lousy on my Bernina. Loving this challenge and what everyone is doing, though I'm just catching up on blogs now that family have returned to Canberra. Will catch up on my blog over the weekend.

  6. Can I suggest free motion stars all over, so you fit in with the logo?

    I'm hardly experienced with FMQ but soon got the knack of them on Scatty Stars last year, and Elisabeth (Sand and Sunshine) did them on a quilt of hers too.

  7. Aren't you the clever one? Love the QAL logo, and I think quilting stars like Hazel said your be awesome!! and tell me again, whose crazy idea was this challenge??

  8. Your tree shape reminds me of the badge for the Christmas Sew-Alongs.

    Are you on baby watch like so many others? It is on our morning show each day. One of the reporters is sitting outside the hospital waiting. I haven't heard the report yet today.


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