Sunday, 29 September 2013

Driving lessons, part 2

Mr Joe, Lynn's husband, decided to give me a driving lesson in his pride and joy a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria.
Here he is, saying "yes Sue, that IS the steering wheel"
"Hey Joe, which one was the brake?"



  1. Hilarious! Joe will think twice before he lets Lynn invite royalty to their home again.

  2. Joe's not daft - I don't think he gave Sue the keys!

    (Nothing wrong with Sue's driving; when she's on the correct side of the road {grin} )

  3. That's some car and I'm with Bilbo on not getting the keys. Keep enjoying.

  4. So glad you're having a great time Sue |

  5. Ha ha, are you sure you want to drive in America??

  6. Sue, I want to know if you have a "poodle skirt" and "saddle shoes" on inside that car? If not, I'm sure our cousin would let you borrow hers. You are having too much fun without me. Enjoy the cabin. See you soon.
    Lynn's Older Sister Gail

  7. Hee....Mr. Squash and I are having a good chuckle, Sue! I hope the cop gave you a warning and not a ticket just because you're royalty ;>)


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