Saturday, 14 September 2013

It's Christmas ...

... well actually, it isn't, but it IS Christmas QAL weekend, being hosted this month by Hazel.  What's more, she's promised biscuits, so hurry on over there to join the party.
I will not be working on my Christmas challenge quilt this weekend, cos after my disastrous efforts at free motion quilting, and all the whinging I did, which you could read about here if you really wanted to,  my wonderful friend Bilbo just rang me up and said "stick it in an envelope and send it to me".  Needless to say, I did just that.  Bilbo is a fantastic quilter and will work absolute wonders with my entry.

So, what will I be up to?  I will do a little sewing, but the main part of this weekend is going to be spent on giving myself an early Christmas present.  I am planning to tip everything out of the cupboards, drawers and shelves in my sewing studio (in other words the conservatory) and have a good clean up and tidy up.  After all, I have some Very Important Friends visiting me not long after my holiday, so I must be neat and tidy out there ready for them, as that's where we spend most of our time.   I am sure that my friend Scrappy will be very excited to hear about my spring-cleaning, cos guess where all my odd "bits" go? Speaking of Scrappy, she's away this weekend, so won't be joining us to show her progress on her challenge entry.

I'll be back later, but now I must go and do something constructive .... "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.............."


  1. Well, I would have made you practise till you got it how you wanted it, but then Bilbo is much kinder than I am! ;-)

    Mind you, if it stops you moaning and leaves you free to do something you like doing instead, I guess it is worth it!

    And we need photos of before and after of the sewing studio!

  2. Oi, as one of those Very Important Visitors when you get back, please DON'T tidy up on my account and DEFINITELY don't clear out your scraps:} Am very jealous of Scrappy, you ought to know by now how much Flummery and I used to love rummaging through your cast offs!

    Hazel, I'm nowhere near as kind as you imply and I'd personally explain the reasons I offered to do Sue's quilting if you were able to be a Very Important Visitor as well. Failing that, we really MUST have a phone blether at some point, haven't chatted to you for ages.

  3. I can just see your next post now!
    "Hi there (hic*) Quilty Shoo back with you(hic!) an' feeling very merry...yeessh...very merry (hic!!)...indeed (hic*!)

  4. I think everything has been said....giggle...enjoy your day organizing while we play with fabric!

  5. I hope I'm not too late to encourage you to have a REEEAAALLLYYY good sort out Sue!
    J x


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