Saturday, 28 September 2013

Today ....

... we're up bright and early (well, early, anyway) to set up the booth for In Between Stitches at the quilt show.  We're also going to set up a pop-up tent which is where I will be holding court this morning and signing copies of my book.  I've never done a book signing before, so I'm quite nervous about it - what if no-one turns up?  I'm going to look very silly sat sitting all alone!

On the other hand, there will be about 200 quilts hung between the trees and that should be a spectacular sight which I am really looking forward to seeing.  Lynn is spending the morning working in the booth while I'm having fun with her sister and then tomorrow Nancie-Anne the Goatherd will be arriving with her husband, dog and goats.

Meanwhile, pop over to Lynn's blog, here, to read all about my driving lessons ...


  1. OMGosh....I did read about your driving lessons....very funny....isn't Alden Lane Nursery the most beautiful nursery you have's like someone's personal gardens....and they are so nice and helpful.....enjoy your day.....and I'm sure many people will come by and buy your book......

  2. You two are having way too much fun!! Don't you just love that Californian sunshine...silly question!!

  3. Oh what fun you are having! I love to read all about it...if I were there, I'd be first in line. I have your book, but it's not signed! Enjoy!

  4. I'd be there for your royal signature, Sue! I'm so glad you're having a wonderful time! You and Lynn seem to be two peas in a pod!

  5. Seems like you are having a wonderful time and the weather certainly looks perfect. Love the photos that Lynn has had on her blog. Take care and enjoy.


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