Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lone Star day - post 3

I guess I should have said that I have not tested the instructions in the links I gave in the previous post, and therefore can give no guarantee as to their correctness.  They do look OK though on a quick glance!

This gorgeous quilt has been made by my friend BilboWaggins (aka Queen of the Spray Starch Can).  This is the only Lone Star quilt she has made so far, but she has b i i i g  plans for another one.  Don't go rushing over to her blog though to look for quilt inspirations, fabrics, or even the tiniest little piece of thread showing.  She moved into a new house a couple of years ago, with a huge garden that needed totally revamping.  She reckons that's her excuse for not having done any quilting lately.  Personally, I think she's just being lazy!

I know the one tip she would want to share with us though is to starch everything!  I wonder if we have to spray ourselves and our cutters too?

Don't forget to Link here, if you're writing about your Lone Star adventures.  Dinner needs more attention, so I'll be back in a while to talk about books.


  1. Queen of the Spray Starch Can7 January 2012 at 17:24

    Dear Sue,

    I've been called many things, but that's a new one {giggle}. Thanks for the "nudge", I really must get sewing again. Even with my planned longevity I am not sure I can live long enough to use all the fabric I have hoarded. ☺

    Definite thumbs up on the spray starch tip. I followed the method from Jan Krentz's "Lone Star Quilts and Beyond" which worked well for me.

    I only spray fabric, if you want to cover everything else then go right ahead, don't let me stop you!

    quilty hugs
    Bilbo, x

  2. Well, I think the Queen has a beautiful quilt. I have heard that really starching the fabric makes all those bias edges easier to deal with.

  3. Oh gee, now we're both talking about starch. Maybe I should just hush up and let you talk. LOL. One follower of mine mentioned that sizing which is right in the same place at the store is better because it wont attract bugs. I'd never heard of starch doing that, any thoughts?


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