Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lone Star Day - post 4

I did say I'd talk about the books I have that are all about Lone Star quilts.

The first one I bought was Radiant Star Quilts by Eleanor Burns.  I bought this last September (I've been planning this for some time, as you will gather).  I wasn't over-inspired by the quilts, but the instructions seem quite good, although I did find the layout a bit confusing and I had to read through the whole book a couple of times before I "got" it.

Then a friend, Tessie's Mum, showed me All-Star Quilts by Helen Frost and Blanche Young.  The quilts in this book are just wonderful and the instructions were far easier to understand straight away.  I fell in love with one of the quilts in there, but I thought I'd better remember the old saying about not running before I can walk, so I'm not doing that one just yet.

Bilbo Waggins highly recommends Jan Krentz' book called Lone Star Quilts and Beyond.  I haven't seen this book myself, but I have seen pictures of some of the quilts in it and they look fabulous.

 Don't forget, if you are posting anything about your own Lone Star quilt plans, please do sign in on the Linky, here, so we can all visit and see what you're up to.


  1. I have always wanted to make a lone star quilt, but they scare me! they look too hard.

    Maybe when I grow up I'll give it a try.

  2. Hi Sue! I've finally gotten my act together and put my post up! I will plan better next month and get it written the day before! I'm too much an English teacher to dash off my posts - I edit myself to death, most times! Anyway, I've linked several times to your blog and I even got the Mr. Linky to go I hope it works! (Crossing fingers.)

  3. Research, plan quilt. Now that's a good theory. If only I were so restrained...

  4. I saw the last two books when I was browsing Amazon. I'm afraid to look at them. I might be sorry that I started already.

  5. I have that last book, it is wonderful. There are many pages with drool spots on them. LOL!

  6. You can also see how to make it on Elenor Burns "Quilt in a Day" site and also on Vimeo, (when you go there you sometimes have trouble in the search bar, so put a plus in between all the words).

  7. I've actually been in good contact with Jan Krentz'. She is so friendly and has some great tools. Oh've got me itchin to do a blog post. It just may happen tonight!


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