Sunday, 4 October 2009

Are you seeing double?

Bertha decided to be very naughty, so I have sent her to sit in the corner, with her back to the room, to think about her bad behaviour. Meanwhile, Her sister, Ten Ton Tessie, has come to me for a working holiday, so I could finish a couple of quilts. I think Bertha's timing got knocked out when I broke a needle on the second of the 2 raffle quilts I was struggling with, so she kept skipping stitches. I was sure it was not a problem with Mrs PP's fabric or wadding, and the thread was the combination I always use, so my friend brought Tessie over to try, and lo and behold, perfect sewing. So Bertha is in the corner. Tessie coming over for her holiday has meant that I could finish the Pineapple and do my Christmas Braids quilt.

PS Christmas Braids is finished, so I'll probably put a photo up tomorrow.


  1. poor Bertha! It's not her fault! Looking forward to seeing the Christmas Braid quilt.

  2. I've been gone a few days....missed out on quite a few postings I see!
    Things do happen don't they...especially when your under the gun for a finish.

  3. Oh Dear! I do hope Bertha doesn't sulk over Tessie! Thanks for the sneak peak of Christmas Braids - very nice!

  4. Poor Bertha. Time for her to see the machine doctor. It's good that Tessie could come and visit so that you could finish the quilts.

  5. Don't anyone go feeling sorry for Bertha yet - wait till I have time to get at her with a screwdriver to retime her.

  6. I am not feeling sorry for Bertha. Time outs aren't forever! (My kids think they last that long though....LOL).

    Thanks for the reminder to vote for your Leaves Around the Cabin quilt. I still absolutely ADORE this quilt, and with your permission, might loosely copy your quilt to design one for MYbed!



  7. (1) you're darn funny and
    (2) that's one heck of a great quilt!

  8. Is Bertha sorted yet? Don't know if you've had to re-time yet - it is not nearly as bad a job as some online lists would have you believe. (As she uses M sized bobbins, do you have a rocking finger like on Gammills?)

  9. Naughty Sewing machine's in the corner. I used to tell my "Little Elna" that if she was bad I'd make the UPS man come and take her away. She gave up all that badness after that.

    Now Ten Ton Tessie is a great name. My Brother "purrs" under my figertips when I sew but I don't know what kind of name that means is needed.


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