Saturday, 10 October 2009

Bertha's feeling better.

The day before yesterday we decided it was time to retime Bertha, so Mr Fixit got his screwdrivers out, took her out of the sin-bin and put her on top of a cabinet, all the while muttering dark mutterings to himself about sewing machines that don't sew!  He then went in with his screwdrivers.  There is a hook thingy, attached to a shaft thingy, and the instructions said that he needed to move the hook-y bit a smidgeon or two.  Well, he tried.  He really tried.  The mutterings got louder, and still he tried.  No good.  He could not move it.  So we decided to admit defeat and send her to the sewing machine hospital.  By this time it was quite late on Thursday, so I did not do anything about contacting the repair man.  Friday morning Mr Fixit suggested we ought to try Bertha first, just in case he had moved something an infinitessimally (OK, he didn't use that word, that was my interpretation) small amount.  So we did.  Guess what?  Yep, she sewed beautifully.  Not a skip in sight. So now she is back on the frame waiting for me to give her something to do.  Well, she can wait.  She made me wait after all.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to piecing the blocks I'm piecing.


  1. I'm so glad that Bertha is back to sewing again. Mr. Fixit must be better than he thinks he is.

  2. Perhaps the threat of hospital frightened Bertha so much she took heed of Mr Fixit's tickling screwdrivers. At least she is working :o) Happy sewing!

  3. And you've just discovered the eternal joy/grief of these darn machines - an infinitessimally tiny smidgeon is all it takes to make the difference between wonderful quilting and HOURS of frogging.


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