Saturday, 3 October 2009

Dresden Plates

One of my blogland friends, Paulette was talking about how easy this block was to do with a ruler she bought last year. You can read her comments about it here, so I said I would show this quilt I made using the same ruler.

I made this quilt in 2006 with blue and yellow fabrics I collected on my holiday to Pennysylvania. It was made for my sister - well who else would it have been for in those colours?


  1. Hi Sue,
    Love the quilt and now I REALLY do have the bug to toss those pumpkins/sunflowers and start that Dresden quilt! Your sister must have been thrilled to receive this beauty! Well done....and was it as easy for you as it was for me? Love that ruler!

  2. Sue,

    Gosh this is amazing. This quilt displays such skill. The way you've used the blue and yellow is spectacular. I love it - I would have been in for these colors made by YOU!

  3. I remember seeing this hanging up at Mrs Pennypot's - the colours are really lovely. The design is brilliant too, of course!

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments.

  5. Your quilt is very pretty. I'm sure your sister loves it.

  6. I love Dresden plate quilts and this is gorgeous! I'm waiting for them to come out with a die for my GO cutter and then I'm going to make one!

  7. Love the quilt and the colors too .
    I made one also with the ruler . Very easy ....

  8. Your quilts are all beautiful, that's all there is to it.


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