Tuesday, 27 October 2009


..........from my friend Quilthaze.

As you all know, I don't usually post about giveaways, but Quilthaze is a good friend of mine in real life so I am doing this post.  If you go to her blog, here, you can enter her "Triple Treat" giveaway.  Three people will win, but since I would like one of those three to be me, I would prefer it if you ignore this post!

I am now with Mr and Mrs Teacher, and Little Person for a couple of days, and tomorrow we are going to Mr Teacher's (2nd) graduation ceremony.

When I get home again I will tell you about my new toy, the Go! cutter.


  1. In real life? Ha! Hope you have a good time at the ceremony, and I'm anxious to see what you're doing with your new toy.

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  3. I have enough bags so will not enter QuiltHaze's giveaway thus increasing your chances!

    Enjoy the graduation, very proud moment for all of you. xx


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