Saturday, 3 October 2009

Have you voted yet?

No, don't worry, you haven't missed a general election, or a local one or anything unimportant like that, but you onlyhave until tomorrow to vote in the Nature's Best virtual quilt show. Currently my Leaves Around the Cabins is in 5th place, but I am a competitive person who wants to be in the top 3, (OK, OK, I'll be honest, I want to be the top one, but there is some pretty stiff competition there) so if you haven't voted, please go and put your mark against Leaves Around the Cabins. You don't have to be a member, or a subscriber, or anything else, just click on the button on the right of this post and then click on the Vote Now bit, and vote for Leaves Around the Cabins. If you have voted, then thank you.

PS  I've just found out that the voting deadline has been extended to Tuesday, so there's still time to vote if you want to do so.


  1. Done! Some lovely quilts entered BUT I liked yours best!! You have my vote!

  2. and there is always 'The Butterflies teaching Desmond to fly' in the small quilts! - sorry Sue but I don't know how to put links in my blog!

  3. You got my vote. Leaves Around the Cabin is beautiful! I also really like your blue and yellow quilt. Perfect design for the colors...your right.

  4. Thank you for the support everyone.

  5. Wow, yours is amazing! I loved it and it was def my top pick. I came here from there to let ya know.


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