Sunday, 10 October 2010

Good morning ....

... everyone.  I hope those who joined in the Christmas Quiltalong yesterday enjoyed themselves?  I've just spent an enjoyable time catching up on everyone and thought I'd give a little summary of what I've seen.  This is quite a long post, with no pictures, but if you follow the links I've put, you can see everything I've been chattering on about.

Edited to add Ali, who wasn't able to play yesterday, but who has been quilting the Christmas quilt she made last time. QuiltHaze is also here now and she has been quilting a really cute panel today. Now Tracey's here too - she nearly sneaked in without me noticing!  She's been making chickens and they're great.
Another edit, this time I wanted to tell you that I've changed the name Diane a bit further down in this post to Elizabeth since that's what she's really called!  I'm very sorry Elizabeth!

Trudi has made some beautiful blocks and I can't wait to see what she is making with them.  She also uses the "leaders and enders" method to make another quilt at the same time.  She's promising to give us a lovely recipe for mincemeat today too.

I know that Paulette was busy yesterday, and I think she was working on her snowman quilt.  Hopefully she'll post some pictures of it today.  I've seen the pattern and it is gorgeous.

Have you ever thought of spending 2 hours fussy cutting?  No, me neither, but Caren did, and has made a gorgeous CD cover.

Pat wasn't sure if she wanted to work on some blocks, or the binding for a lovely looking quilt for her grandaughter.  I wonder which she chose in the end?

Reenie has been working on a christmas tree skirt in the last couple of Christmas Quiltalongs.  This time she finished the quilting on it and it looks wonderful.  Have a look at the holly she quilted on part of it.

Suely has been making some beautiful looking blocks, in just my colours.  Although her blog is in Portugese, I found that if I go to Google Translator here, I can just copy Suely's post, including photos, into the box, choose translate from Portugese into English, press go, and hey presto, I know what she's been saying.

Elizabeth  finished off a lovely Christmas tree wall hanging in the morning and spent the afternoon knitting christmas presents.

There is a lovely wallhanging on Joanna's blog, and she has almost finished two tops during the Quiltalong days so far.
Sue is making some great tablemats, (which need to come and live in my house) her flying geese are awesome.

Rosa shows some awesome blocks on her blog, I really loved the reindeer.  Her blog is in Spanish, but Google translate can come to the rescue again.

The Zany Quilter is making loads of star blocks, in plaids, and I am really looking forward to seeing them all set into a quilt.

Shellie is making a really cute Snowman runner, and the surrounding fabrics are just my colours.

Siv has been hand sewing a wonderful eight-pointed star tablecloth which she is planning to hand quilt too.  Her points are just amazing on the star.

Don't forget there's still time to enter the competition.  Email me the answers.  If you don't have my email address, go to "about me", just below the Christmas tree button on the right, click to "view my complete profile, and just below my mugshot is a button which says "email".  Click that, and you're off ....

Now I'm off to turn the slow cooker on, then I'm going to carry on with the blocks I was making yesterday.


  1. I've just added my link to Mr Linky to show what I've done since the last quiltalong. Sorry I couldn't join in this month as I was away yesterday and too shattered when I got home to do anything! I love how your blocks are coming along, I'm going to check out everyone else's progress now ...

  2. I played your game, but I can't access your email. It was fun anyway!

  3. Quite enjoyed reading about the quiltalong. Yesterday was quite miserable so didn't do anything Christmassy but did do some sewing. I started quilting my youngest Grandson's quilt - at last!!

    I did like the "Twelve Days of Christmas" too. Did wonder what the recipient did with all those gifts - they went completely bonkers!

  4. Sue Dear, you forgot me #6 on your Mr Linky... But for the record I love your little summaries!

  5. It's easy to miss someone, so this post is much appreciated. I like to see the beautiful things being made by everyone else.

  6. Tuesday I finished the quilt for my granddaughter. Monday I ventured out to the quilt store and bought some fabric that blended well with the churn dash blocks for a table topper. Still mulling ideas for that one, but I'm thinking I want to try a border design that I've never taken the time to put on a donation quilt--but since it's for me *smile* I just may venture out of my box!


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