Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oooohhhh dear ....

.... it's happening again.
"What's happening?" I hear you ask. Amy's stopping me from doing the housework again, that's what's happening.

"How is she doing that?" you're wondering.  She's holding another virtual Quilt Show, that's how she's doing that.

"When is it?" you want to know. It starts tomorrow, and will be open for a week.  During this time there will be hundreds of quilts on show for us all to go and look at.

This is not a juried or judged show but there are random prizes which will be drawn and announced at the end.  I'm showing one of my quilts, why don't you all join me?  Just click on the button on my sidebar for more information.

Now, I'd better go and sew a virtual hanging sleeve on my quilt, so, I'll see you all at the quilt show then.


  1. The only time housework comes before quilting is in a dictionary.

  2. Oh what fun. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I can get my act together and enter one of my quilts. It's always fun to see what others are working on.

  3. Thanks, Sue will be there with bells on! Also thanks ever so much for the 'bloggy love' sent over to Living The Dream.

  4. Oh, decisions, decisions. To work on a quilt, or housework?

  5. There will all ways be HOUSEWORK! Have fun with the QUILTS!


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