Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This month's winner is .....

... This month, instead of just putting all the names of people with the correct answers to the puzzle in the draw, I put all the entries in.  I did this to make it fair to the people who entered this time even though English is not their first language. So there were 12 entries, I pressed the button on the random number generator thingamebob, and this is what it said:
So, congratulations to Number 2,  SIV please could you email me your address so that I can send your little prize out.  Thank you everyone else who played.  Now I'd better get my thinking cap on and come up with a puzzle for the next Christmas Quiltalong day. 


  1. congrats winner!
    do you have to "buy" this generator?

  2. congrats to the Christmas winner!!!lol!!

  3. frankinsence
    as in gold, frankinsence and myrhh
    gifts of the 3 wisemen
    that was a tough one for me too!
    take care, Leslie

  4. Yippie! Oh and Sue you don't have to be putting my number into the drawings. I feel like it shares the happiness around more if I step aside.

  5. Congratulations to winner of Christmas Quilt Along - SIV.
    Sue where I find the puzzle solved??
    I am very curious about the 5 words that I could'nt solve..LOL
    Thanks for lovely puzzle.My family and I had very fun with it. Have a great week there.


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