Saturday, 9 October 2010

What? No baking? ...

... nope, no baking today.  Why?  Because I found my favourite christmas biscuits in the supermarket yesterday.  So, at coffee time this afternoon, this is what I enjoyed.  'Scuse me, I didn't hear someone mutter "greedy"  did I?  No, I thought not.  I didn't really eat all those, don't worry.

Now, while Strictly Come Dancing is on, I'm off to visit everyone else.  Don't forget to all do the social rounds will you?  Mr Linky-Thingy is here so you can go visiting easily.


  1. I didn't say anything...and why not!! Why not get what you could bake at the store.....more sewing time.

  2. considering that I am sitting here with a cup of earl grey and a plate of oreos...I'm not saying a word. Afterwards I will retreat back to my dungeon and make something!

  3. I've just had dinner, I couldn't possible manage one right now thanks! LOL Nice mug rug!

  4. Now that looks like an awesome snack!


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