Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Latecomers ...

There were 2 more people taking part in the Christmas Quiltalong but they couldn't get to computers until after Saturday to tell us all about it, so I thought I'd pass the word around. 

Jaytee was travelling, but she still found time to do some stitching.  She has joined a nine-week block of the week, called Stitching for Christmas, and completed block two this weekend while on the road.  I just hope she wasn't driving at the same time. The blocks she has shown us look so cute, do go and have a look.

Gina has started work on a gorgeous table runner with reindeer on it.  This is going to look wonderful when it's finished.  She also spent time unsewing (oh noooo) the borders on a quilt she's been working on and found time to hand piece four star blocks!  By the way, her blog comes with a health warning. You will put on weight if you visit regularly!  She keeps showing pictures of wonderful things like lemon cupcakes she's baked and gives us the recipes to really tempt us.

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  1. Yippie, Good for both of them. Gina might very well be the most deserving with all that unpicking she had to do.


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