Saturday, 9 October 2010

Time for a puzzle ....

Mr Linky-Thingy  is here , please do add your name so we can all visit each other.

A message for Sunbonnet Sue:  I can't reply to your email, but you are very welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing what you are working on.

OK, I reckon it's time to exercise our little grey cells now.  So, see if you can unjumble these words.  They are all on the theme of Christmas.  Just email your answers to me by the time you go to bed on Sunday, and I will draw a winner on Monday.  
If you don't have my email address, go to "about me", just below the Christmas tree button on the right, click to "view my complete profile, and just below my mugshot is a button which says "email".  Click that, and you're off ....
1.   hmsscirta                     
2.   aqtuliognl                
3.   lyhlo                 
4.   viy                              
5.   stinle                        
6.   eeedirrrn                 
7.   astna                          
8.   scraol                     
9.   stperens                      
10.  besalt                        
11.  cifknnnserae           
12.  sletmoeti
13.  eoaindcrtos          
14.  etre                  
15.   vatytini      
16.  lenga                         
17.  abbleu                    
18.  ingsckot                 
19.  rifay                          
20.  wnos


  1. I'd better eat lunch before I try to puzzle over those!

  2. I'm not sure I'm smart enough for this. Let me get my 8 year old....

  3. Hi Sue
    just trying to get an email address, your's doesn't come up for me
    Take care, Leslie

  4. just me again
    I have answers!
    take care leslie

  5. Ok, I am a new follower, and I truly did try to look around and find the answer.
    First I asked you about that Christmas quilt along...and now there is this list of Christmas things...and I am left shaking my head in confusion!!
    Is the Mr. Linky Thingy for the Quilt along?? Or...are you doing several Christmasy themed things like this list? Do we need to sign up, what all do we do???
    (It takes longer for Hillbillies to 'get it')

  6. I'm a hillbilly too. Can't quite get it all. I think I can unscramble those words though - if I only could access your e-mail address...

  7. Sue, I'm still trying to play puzzle.I found till now only 9 words LOL.
    I have more 2 hours to discovery the rest of them.LOL
    I also have a new post. Here is 22:00 hrs maybe you are slepping now there.

  8. i love word jumbles - how fun!
    wow you are a busy busy woman -
    love your new blocks!

  9. Hi Sue. I sent you an email. Thank you for gave us a lot of fun.Loved all your post in your blog.
    Now I am going to my sewing table to make my border. Thanks you again for everything.Happy quilting to all


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