Monday 27 April 2009

Quilt In A Day............

Well, that's what the workshop title said. I started this top at FoQ last August, so, by my reckoning, this should be called Quilt in Eight Months! The photo does not really do justice to the colours. The big "white" bits are actually a sort of clotted cream colour, and the pink is a gorgeous raspberry pink.

This quilt now goes on the pile of tops waiting for me to get Big Bertha set up so they can be quilted. I've only got 3 in the current pile so far, (g) but there is another one that I started and didn't like the quilting pattern so I have been unsewing it. I might well set Big Bertha up next week, but then again, I might not.

Today I think winter is back. It has been really chilly and very, very wet since first thing this morning. It finally stopped raining about an hour ago, but it's looking a bit threatening again now. Just as I had got my T-shirts out. The garden and the pots all needed it though so in one way it was a good thing.

Tomorrow I'm off to have my hair cut - hurray, it's been driving me mad this past couple of weeks. Once I'm fit to be seen in public again, I'm off to Mrs PennyPot for a day of sewing. There will be another friend there too. Then, after dinner we're off for a fun-packed evening at Tuesday Quilters (it's the AGM).

I've spent time today playing on QuiltPro too. I had a jellyroll and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, until today, when I got it out and promptly changed my mind. I now have a completely different design in mind and the idea is that I will start it tomorrow. Mind you, I might well change my mind again before tomorrow.

Saturday 25 April 2009

First Blog

OK, I've given in. It seems that all my friends are doing it and I feel left out, so here it blog. It will be mostly about quilting, but I am sure other things will creep in at times.

This morning's plans are to firstly do some housework, then watch the Grand Prix Qualifier on TV, then get back to my current quilt project. I am trying to finish a quilt top that I started in a workshop at the Festival of Quilts last year.

Well, "them's the plans" as somebody once said, what actually happens remains to be seen.
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